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A survey of the best Windows backup software
Tech Support Alert

For most computer users, backing up your files is a lot like going to the dentist - we tend to put it off until we really have to. By then, it's often too late and the damage may have already been done.

The good news is that there are now some excellent Windows backup software products available that make backing up relatively easy and painless. So easy that computer users at all levels can routinely and automatically protect their important data from disaster.

At Tech Support Alert we looked at dozens of products and identified 18 leading backup programs for closer review. After further testing and reviewing, we came up with five excellent products and these are listed below.  To see how we reviewed, click here.

All the products we reviewed were capable of making effective backups however they differed a lot in their ease of use.  We've made recommendations on the products that impressed us most, but we suggest you read the reviews and make your own decision.  Without doubt, the best product is the one that best suits YOUR needs.

backup software gold awardOutstanding Windows Backup Software Programs

Genie Backup Manager *  Editors Choice: Best overall
An impressively fast and full featured program which the capacity to back up the Windows Registry, Favorites, Outlook data and other system files in addition to normal email and user data.  The latest version 8 now has a disaster recovery option that allows you to backup and restore your Windows operating system as well as your data. The only negative is the program is so flexible that all the options may initially confuse some raw beginners.  Click here for full review.

NTI BackupNow!  
BackupNow! has the best user interface design of any of the programs we tested.  However the execution of that clever design has some glaring omissions. For example, you'll  need to know exactly where your email files are located as BackupNow!, unlike Genie, lacks the option to backup these files just by ticking a box. The lack of encryption may also be a negative for some users.  Click here for full review.

backup software silver awardHighly Recommended

NovaStor NovaBackup
NovaBackup is a highly capable backup program with many extra features such as a virus scanner and the ability to create an image file of your boot disk drive. However the overly complex user interface can be confusing. Click here for full review

Handy Backup *
A straightforward backup program with a simplicity that will appeal to many users. However that simplicity comes at the cost of omitting some features including the ability to verify the accuracy of backups created. Click here for full review.

Double Image
A  fast, full featured backup program which, with a little more work on the user interface, could be a real winner. Click here for full review.

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